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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am experiencing severe signal drop out, can you help please?

Yes we can help! Budgewoi, San Remo, Buff Point, Lake Munmorah and Summerland Point are just a few of the suburbs we have been called out to with poor reception. The Central Coast region and Lake Macquarie region are highly effected by 4G interference. Those closer to Mobile phone towers are effected more so than those not so close. It is a simple fix for our trained staff to rectify and have your reception back to normal in no time at all.

You are not alone; your interference is caused by UHF channel 62 which is now a 4G frequency for mobiles.

Call me on 0410 435 344 to arrange a free quote to rectify.

I think my handyman may have installed my antenna upside down; can you please come and check?

Sadly when an antenna is installed upside down it can not only just not work very well but it can also create water damage. Water can find its way to the booster and blow that as well. We can check that your new antenna is installed correctly and with a weather proof boot.

My TV screen pixelates what can I do to fix it?

This is a common fault and is caused by 4G interference is created by the new upgrades for mobile phone towers that override your signal quality. UHF 62 is the channel frequency that older style antennas are able to receive. This needs to be blocked out with a 4G filter to stop your TV from breaking up or no signal sign displayed. Although your antenna may be new not all antennas (cheaper versions) and masthead amplifiers have the required filters. - It's a simple issue that we can rectify.

What causes my TV screen to break up into little squares?

The little squares, this sounds like you are describing pixelating - Firstly was your television tuned through the AUTOMATIC FUNCTION in your menu? Many homes will receive signals from more than one transmitter. Multiple channels will be displayed on your television and what you think might be the correct channel is actually in the 350 range numbers. 4G interference may also be an issue. Read the question and answer above in the question "My TV screen pixelates what can I do to fix it?" - Call us and we can correct for you.

Will a booster fix my problem?

Generally this is the case. Masthead amplifiers and designed to extend signal to compensate for cable loss and joins such as splitters and wall plates. Firstly a signal test needs to be carried out at Antenna. Having too much signal can also cause the same problem as too little signal. With our testing equipment we can provide a solution to fix your problem.

Some years ago I had a NEW antenna installed and the guy added it onto my existing Pole - The pole is really high and looks ugly I am wanting to know if I can have the tall pole removed?

In answer to your question the person that installed your new antenna might have discussed that with you before they started the install?? However if the new antenna is set a lot lower on the pole and the old antenna is still on top of the pole it stands to reason that your long pole is no longer required and we can remove it see our section on POLE REMOVAL

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