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DIY - How to fix some common Television Problems


If the issue is a small one it might be something a good do it yourselfer might be able to fix?

It can be super frustrating when a favorite television programme is missed because of what might be a minor connection fault in your system.

Generally in many cases, the very first thing that some people might do is to go buy a new antenna from a hardware store.

The problem is sometimes it is not awlways the antenna.

What could be wrong?

What might I need?

A higher gain antenna to maximize the most signal strength?

A faulty splitter box?

A faullty cable?

Corroded, rusty concections or faullty cables?

Rats or mice chewed cables?

Television issuess can often be cause by dozen of different problems that are not caused by the TV, but from other arising every thingg surrounding it?

One of our experienced team of qualified technicians can visit the premise using up to date, state of the art testing equipment and they will test from the antenna all the way through to the television outlet. All designed to rectify the any issues and save our customers, money and from buying unnecessary products.

Call Allan Forde antennas for an onsite quotation and we can steer you in the right direction.

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