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Antenna Pole Removals

Some homes around Central Coast and Lake Macquarie region still have the ugly old tall house masts sticking out like sore thumbs on their roofs or towers mounted at the side or back of the house. These are usually made from water-pipe and are very heavy. In many cases long antenna poles are no longer required, they mostly look terrible and can be removed quickly and efficiently today!

Allan Forde Antennas offer a pull-down service, this is about taking down and removing that unwanted antenna pole or multi steel fixture. We pull it down cut it up and take it away and disposed of it all. That also includes removing the old antenna facial brackets, wire stays and any other mounts.

As these poles and antenna age it will move and gradually start to fall apart, leaving a mast in place until the wires or pole starts to break can lead to the pole falling over and creating damage or more work to remove it, not to mention damage to the property. While the television remain in working order, as the pole is out of sight the condition of the pole and wires are not noticed. So the pole could be an old rusty mess sitting on the roof. Keeping in mind that no mast will last sitting on the roof in the weather every day.

It is important to note that the older and the worse the condition of the mast and wires are, the harder it is for us to perform the extraction, just getting it down becomes an issue of safety and of course removing it without creating any damage if it breaks apart during the removal.

If you have a tall pole or tower in place and you need to have it removed please call us and one of our team will come to the property for a free inspection, offer advice on the best way to remove what is in place and the cost to supply a new digital antenna.

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