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TV Antenna Installations and Repairs

Television Antenna Repairs and Upgrades

Digital Television Antennas & Satellite Dish Installation Repairs and Upgrade Services

Got something wrong with your TV antenna or reception issues? Have a chat to the team at Allan Forde Antennas today – we can find and repair that fault, as well as provide the necessary upgrades to bring your antenna up to speed.

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Are you sick and tired of signal drop out and pixilation and you do not want to jump up onto the roof. Let us give you a no obligation free quote. Good chance your antenna needs to be upgraded

It goes without saying that the most common cause of poor Television reception is the antenna. Antennas are left on the roof for years and never thought about and in most cases are never maintained. An antenna that is broken or not installed in the correct manner is more than likely to be behind poor television reception. Then there is STORM damage, this can be a common problem, especially after or during electrical storms, also very high winds can move even damage antennas and this creates connections issues.

The antenna you have installed might have been in place for number of years and as such could start or be creating a situation where the reception is becoming more and more unreliable. No one wants to be placed into a situation where they miss favourite Television shows and everyone know how frustrating when watching sports and the TV play up. The very best thing to do on these occasions it call the team at Allan Fore Antennas and we can have a professional call and provided you with the right advice and products to fix the problem.

Allan Forde Antenna service team is able to complete a full assessment of all your antenna system needs from the roof to the Television. The team can and will diagnose any reception problems using the best specialised testing equipment available, which means our customers are able to sit back and let us do the work and its cheaper than you think!!

In the cases of storm damage or general antenna repairs, or you would like a tall antenna POLE REMOVAL our technicians are able to assess and provide you with the best possible quotation. In just about every casse our team of antenna technicians would be able to remedy the problem the same day.

Need Access New Digital TV Channels

Everything is changing or has already changed and as such new digital channels are available. With the changeover to digital TV, a new television aerial - antenna upgrade will benefit most households around Lake Macquarie. Digital TV brings with it a host of new channels including FREEVIEW and in many cases they are available in your area now. and it is possible that without an antenna upgrade to a digital TV aerial these channels with not display on the television So now is the time to make sure your antenna is not effecting the television reception!

A Few Tips

Keep in mind that there are a number of elements that are very important when evaluating the any antenna system, including:

Where the dwelling is situated determines signal coverage and frequencies.

What equipment in installed onto the premises and in most cases, simpler is better! A good quality single antenna, and with the correct good quality cable and a fly leads.

How the equipment in is installed is very important any and all ariels or antennas need to be installed OUTDOORS and directed towards the correct TV servicing tower. Then adjusted to receive the signal.

Maintenance - an aerial or antenna mounted on a roof top can be and is out of site, thus in most cases out of mind. It needs to be checked from time to time to be sure it is not rusting or broken, and has no missing elements.

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